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Cost estimating simplified

DACE Price Booklet - www.dacepricebooklet.com

Independent cost estimate data for the process industry

Practical and indispensable while:

  • Preparing budget prices for industrial process facilities.
  • Estimating project costs.
  • Considering the costs of alternative designs.
  • Validating quoted budget prices.
  • Comparing own cost data to market prices.

This 35th edition of the DACE Price Booklet offers invaluable guidance while preparing and comparing cost estimates. The booklet and website provide (online) cost information for almost any part of industrial process facilities. Specific and detailed information is available for various disciplines, such as process, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, structural and civil engineering. Composite unit rates are given for surface area of production, warehouse, office and laboratory facilities.

The DACE Price Booklet and website represent actual costs incurred by members of the DACE Special Interest Group Cost Engineering Process Industry: Cost experts who are actively involved in investment projects, at the core of practice. As such, this kind of pricing has great additional value in comparison to catalogue prices.

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