H5. Index figures



The indices must be seen as an indication of the change of the actual prices and are based on domestic consumption (domestically produced and imported products) unless specifically otherwise stated. The indices in this chapter have been collected by DACE Special Interest Group Cost Engineering Process Industry (CEPI, previously known as WEBCI and WUBO).

The series in table H5003 are based on prices excluding taxes and are taken from the CBS (Statistics Netherlands), in accordance with the goods classification PRODCOM. The series 30 and 32 are based on the MBK-index for the construction industry.

All indices have a base year 2015 = 100. Indices for 2021 are provisional figures, determined by the CEPI based on CBS figures to and including Q1 2023.

When applicable, the figures have been recalculated using 2015 as the base year. The use of a new base year is often announced too late, sometimes even years later. During the intervening periods, the CBS uses the old figures. This is taken into account in the published indices.

Series 60 is put together by the CEPI for process installations in the Netherlands. The series is – as far as the material component is concerned – based on CBS calculated producer price index figures. For the wage component, the CPB (Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis) published data on wages and labour productivity development have been used. Some of this data has been adjusted retroactively where necessary. The weighing factors have been based on the WEBCI 1985 research.

The non-Dutch series in table H5002 are based on prices in national currencies and are derived from ‘Chemie Technik’ (Germany), ‘Chemical Engineering’ and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (USA).
The results of the effects of taxation on the figures are not available. All series have been recalculated using the basis year 2015 = 100.

Series 70 and 75 apply to apparatus and machines for chemical and related associated process installations and are exclusive installation.

Series 85 to 91 are applicable for process installations and are inclusive design and installation costs. For series 85 (process installation Germany) the build up in 2010 has changed resulting in minimal differences in the figures.