F0. Explanation

Explanation of civil and architectural cost data

Mentioned cost data is gross cost data.

The data is including contractor's surcharges and excluding design and engineering costs and value added taxes.

Contractors surcharges are:

  • General costs on site;
  • General costs;
  • Profit and risk.

Cost data can be used only for budget estimating of large projects.

In the various tables, the following abbreviations are used:

  • GFA: Gross Floor Area;
  • RA: Roof surface area;
  • BSA: Building surface area;
  • BC: Building Content (volume).

The civil and civil-technical cost data are grouped according to the Dutch civil industryNL/SfB classification system.

The list below shows a review of the codes according to the classification system.For more information about the NL/SfB classification system, see the report 'NL/SfB classification system of the Dutch SfB commission' published by the 'Bond van Nederlandse Architecten BNA' in Amsterdam.

Nl/SfB codeDescription
(0 -)Indirect project facilities
(00.1)Temporary site facilities
(00.2)Construction equipment facilities
(00.3)Risk coverage
(00.4)Project organization
(00.5)Home office cost contractor
(00.6)Temporary facilities
(00.7)Demolition costs
(1 -)Substructure
(13)Floor beds
(16)Retaining walls, foundations
(17)Pile foundations
(2 -)Primary elements
(21)Outer walls
(22)Inner walls
(23)Floors, walkways
(24)Stairs, ramps
(28)Main load bearing structures
(3 -)Secondary elements
(31)Outer wall openings
(32)Inner wall openings
(33)Floor openings
(34)Balustrades, railings
(35)Lowered ceilings
(37)Roof opening
(38)System walls
(4 -)Finishing
(41)Outer wall finishing
(42)Inner wall finishing
(43)Floor finishing
(44)Stairs and ramp finishing
(45)Ceiling finishing
(47)Roof finishing
(48)Final works
(5 -)Service, mainly mechanical
(51)Heat generation
(53)Water treatment
(55)Cold generation and distribution
(56)Heat distribution
(57)Air treatment
(58)Climate control
(6 -)Services, mainly electrical
(61)Electrical supply
(67)Building monitoring
(69)Structures for installations
(7 -)Facilities
(71)Traffic facilities
(72)User facilities
(73)Food processing facilities
(74)Sanitary facilities
(75)Maintenance facilities
(76)Storage facilities
(8 -)Inventory
(81)Traffic inventory
(82)User inventory
(83)Food processing inventory
(84)Sanitary inventory
(85)Maintenance inventory
(86)Storage inventory
(9 -)Site
(90.1)Ground facilities
(90.4)Site finishing
(90.5)Site installations mechanical
(90.6)Site installations electrical
(90.7)Site facilities
(90.8)Site inventory

There is currently no content classified with this term.